Motion Analysis

Ansys Aqwa

Motion analyses are performed using 3D diffraction/radiation software Ansys Aqwa. In the maritime and offshore industry this is a generally recognized software package used for calculations of wave and current induced motions and loads on any kind of (floating) structure. The linear responses (RAOs) and second order wave forces are calculated in the frequency domain for regular waves from multiple directions. The analysis can be performed for multiple structures, fully taking the hydrodynamic interaction between the structures into account. A wide range of water depths can be considered.

wave loads

The wave loads on a structure calculated in Ansys Aqwa can be mapped to a finite-element model of the structure in Ansys Mechanical. The hydrodynamic responses can be evaluated in the frequency and/or time domain. Regular or irregular waves can be applied and the effect of forward speed can be included. Several types of connections can be used to model restraining conditions of the structure(s), such as mooring lines, fenders and articulations. Also, damage conditions such as line breakage can be simulated.


Optimization of the vessel’s operational response characteristics can be performed by combining the motion analysis with optimization of the intact and damage stability characteristics using NAPA software. DP capability analysis is performed using software developed in-house at CIG Maritime Technology. DP capability plots are calculated according to IMCA M 140 and DNV ERN standards. For every analysis performed by DEKC Maritime, a complete report will be delivered containing a description of the applied methods, an overview of the input data and the results.