Ballast Water Treatment


DEKC Maritime, in collaboration with CIG Piping Technology, provides engineering and production solutions for refits and modifications such as the installation of ballast water treatment systems, engine renewal and implementing LNG or dual fuel. With our combined knowledge we can assist you from any individual step in the process up to the complete refit of your vessel.

modular approach

DEKC Maritime's extensive knowledge of 3D engineering and working with laser scans allows us to deliver a perfectly fitting engineering package containing piping, outfitting and installation procedures. The modular approach allows for shortening of the retrofit process on board by prefabricating and easy installation. The expertise of CIG Piping Technology in the production of complete piping modules and extensive experience in retrofit jobs closes the loop for a one-stop solution. sis performed by DEKC Maritime, a complete report will be delivered containing a description of the applied methods, an overview of the input data and the results.