Commercial farming of fish has seen an increase over the past years, resulting in the need for more dedicated vessels to supply these fish farms. This year Norwegian based Eidsvaag bought the cargo vessel Hartman Baltic, a3.500 ton dwt roro ship of , from the Dutch Hartman Marine Group to convert into a fishfeed carrier.
The conversion of the Eidsvaag Omega was managed and executed by the Hartman Marine group. DEKC Maritime was responsible for most of the design and engineering work required for this conversion. The modifications where performed at the Damen yard in Harlingen and at the Hartman Marine facilities in Urk.
Some of the modifications include: design and engineering of the new bulwark on the stern, refit of thruster rooms and engineering of a new generator room as well as replacing the forward hatches with a fixed deck. More specific modifications are the placing of an unloader craned and elevator for the fishfeed handling and unloading system, two additional Veth thrusters and a DP system.